July 22nd, 2006

Angel (John)

It's Saturday! Time for a Poll!

Our hot water bottle is being replaced so I can't do my whites like I'd planned so I'm offering up a poll inspired by a late night conversation with kernezelda last night.

Poll #775689 They're Creepy and they're kookie...

Who did you favor more as a kid?

The Addams Family (Wednesday's my hero!)
The Musters. (I've got grandpa in the closet.)
Both (Gotta love the macabre.)
Neither (You guys are freaks!)
I've always preferred Elvira personally. (Unpleasant screeeams....)

Later on I'll post some Mitchell icons I made from last week's episode. I've been meaning to do it for a few days since I actually made them on Monday. I think the farscape_weekly this week kind of intimidated me a bit. I mean my god, how in the hell do you make 40-something icons?!
Angel (John)

*kicks YIM in the nuts*

Yahoo isn't working for me.

Why am I not surprised since most of the week it wouldn't notify me of new email?

They need to stop futzing around with this upgrade. Each time they do this, it totally screws things up.
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