July 16th, 2006

Angel (John)

I need some advice

The other day when I went to the ER, they'd given me an IV in the back of my left hand. Which is kind of a miracle they found a decent vein since I used to be called The Veins From Hell when I used to donate plasma years ago, the nurses back then couldn't even use my left arm since they usually hit a nerve each time they stuck the needle in.

Anyway, since Tuesday, my left hand/forearm have been kind of swollen, sort of resembling a stuffed sausage. The swelling is finally going down in my hand somewhat, but I still have a very sore knot in my forearm (not far from my wrist). It doesn't help that I hit that spot last night on the corner of my desk. :p I'm just glad they didn't put the IV in my right hand or else I wouldn't be able to use my computer as normal.

I've taken aspirin, aleve and tried icing it so I have tried googling about treatment on getting this swelling down, but haven't had much luck. Neither did Sarahjane when she tried looking for me too. I figured I'd ask my flist since I know a few of you have medical training. So other than the usual treatments for swelling, any advise?

ETA: Now sitting here with IcyHot on my arm. (Made the bossman buy it for me) How bad is it that I like the smell of it? *snicker* But some of the soreness is fading. Yay!