June 27th, 2006

Angel (John)

talk about being whacked out

I've had some weird dreams but having one where I go back to school because they offer a course in Ben Browder is nuts! And the school also had competing floating diners.

M and I pretty much OD'd on Supernatural the night before last. We started out with the Pilot, so she could have the backstory naturally, and went on to the scary ones recc'd the other day. Thanks again for those guys! Anyway after seeing Asylum, she asked if we could start going in order from the 2nd episode. She really likes the show, which I knew she would. *bg* We got in six episodes before we realized it was 1am and her dad was going to kick our butts if she didn't get home.

During the viewing of Bloody Mary, she told me how she doesn't like to look in the mirror in a bathroom because of stuff like that ever since she'd pulled the string to turn on the light in the bathroom in the trailer they lived in right behind me. When she turned on the light, she swears that there was a lady beside the shower door, dressed in a gray maid's outfit, wore a hat of some sort. She thinks it was a bonnet. And the woman was holding a baby it looked like. Needless to say, M ran out of the bathroom. hee! Don't blame her a bit. She can't stand for a room to have the string you have to pull since it always reminds her of that.

She'd also mentioned about how she dreams occasionally of my sister. Now this got us both tearing up as she told me. But what happens is that she'll dream that they're in a white room and in the center is a table. Tina will tell her to sit down at it and they start to talk about different things as my sister makes M's favorite dish, broccoli casserole, which was Tina's specialty. M tried to laugh it off as being silly, but I could tell that she really likes having those dreams.