June 2nd, 2006

Angel (John)

gakked from crankygrrl

Not much going on. I was almost in a car wreck a couple days ago on my way back from getting the bossman's car washed. I was at a red light and the two cars with the green collided. The guy on the right was turning onto my road and didn't yield to an oncoming SUV. This is a guess unfortunately since I was looking up at the light and I didn't see who actually hit who first. I'd looked down just as they impacted.

I thought the SUV was going to hit me because it came right at me after the impact, I threw the car into reverse, but before I could let off the brake it came to a stop about a foot away. The funny thing is that I usually would have been further up, right on the line, to set off the sensor trigger for the light, but these particular red lights are on a timer so I didn't pull up all the way. Lucky break.

After I shut off the car, I surprisingly stayed downright calm checking on the people and then directing oncoming traffic around them until the paramedics and cops came. Nobody was seriously hurt thank goodness, only bruising and naturally shaken up. It only hit the front passenger panel over the tire. But I gave the police my information, they told me thank you for staying and helping out and I left.

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