May 8th, 2006

Angel (John)

Good freaking lord!

I've been at this stupid test all morning since it kept getting a failure to connect error, and it wasn't my connection this time. I think their server is either fritzing or just plain sucks. :p

Anyway, gakked from catherinebruce

ETA: Dude, this is the lamest damn test ever! Catherine just told me its showing up as a damn 74 when I see 136! *kicks stupid test*

ETA2: Fixed that bastard!
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Angel (John)


*places hat on head and lights a smoke*

If you haven't seen them yet, I'd like you to stop what you're doing. Run. Don't walk. Run to catherinebruce and tinyelviss's posts and download their videos.

catherinebruce has reworked her video Voodoo, and though I am biased, I still believe it's hawwt and creepy and freakin excellent. She has come so damn far in her video editing and she's very excited about how this came out and YOU ALL should see it! Music is of course by Godsmack.


And then there once was a boy named PKGumby, now tinyelviss, and when he vids it is of the brilliance. But soon his vidding career will end so please go over to Terra Firma and watch this beautiful video set don't have a heart attack...the BeeGees. Yes, Kaz has listened to a BeeGees song and it was good. So you all must go over and watch and gush and give him the love he deserves.

How Deep Is Your Love

If you don't have an account on TF, don't worry about it. Just leave the feedback here and I will make damn sure that he gets it if he happens to miss this post.

But please DO leave feedback because like anything in life, vidders are fed and paid by the feedback you leave behind. You don't have to be all knowledgeable about the techy side, just let them know how it made you feel. That's all.

*takes off pimp hat and smashes out cigarette*

ETA: Typos caused by being rushed are now fixed.
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