April 26th, 2006

Angel (John)

Computer Geeks Wanted!

Say that someone that's sort of computer illiterate *cough*MOM*cough* changed her password on her computer and then sort of...kinda... FORGOT what her password is.

How would I go about getting her onto her desktop again? She's the only user listed as the administrator on the sucker too. I knew should have put myself back on that sonofabitch.

Also...Anyone having problems with Firefox constantly crashing on them using Windows XP Media Center Edition? It's bugging the shit out of me having to use IE or Netscape because of this.

ETA: Mom's back in thanks to cretkid! *leaves her a six pack*
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Angel (John)

dialzforzombies ficathon entry.

Author's Note: Written for astrogirl2 who left her request so wide open I thought I'd have an aneurysm. This is actually the fifth incarnation of this story and if you want the grisly details, I have something written up in my notebook. Thanks should go to kernezelda and thehallway for putting up with my grammar and betaing this. Much, much thanks to both of you. Also thanks should go lizamanynames for giving advice on the first draft of this a couple weeks ago and scorpy808 for the title help. *vbg*

This story is so much different than what I started out or even intended to write. All feedback is welcome folks.
Timeline: Early Season 3
Rating: PG/PG-13...ish.
Warnings: It's a freaking zombie story. That's all the warning you're gonna get. ;)
Disclaimer: Not mine. Belongs to Henson, yada yada yada.

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