January 16th, 2006

Angel (John)

It's a brave man who'll wear a hat like that.

Just because it's Monday! And I think that those of you at work may need this.


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I also have a challenge for you. I watched WGFA last night and I was hoping wondering if someone would write up what they think would have happened if Crais (as the police officer) did take him into police custody. How would have the Scarran have messed with John in Jail?

And wish me luck, for tomorrow I have a job interview with Brighthouse cable for a customer service position in their video dept.
Angel (John)

New Fic by thehallway

Author's Notes: For some strange, unknown reason, probably having to do with the aligning of cosmological forces, I’ve recently completed not one, but two fics that I began a long while ago. This is the shorter of those two, began back in May of last year and first posted as a WIP on kaz’s LJ. I posted the first seven sections there and then for some reason just stopped. And there it sat. Until now. So here it is. This is posted in two sections.

Warnings: Read and heed. Sex: Yes. Violence: Yes. Language: Yep. A couple of bad words. Dark, adult themes: Nope. Not really.

Rating: NC-17
Setting: Post PKW
Spoilers: Through PKW

My gratitude and props to Eva for beta duty above and beyond the call and to my reviewers, Susan, kaz, and Agent Rouka, for their all their encouragement, enthusiasm, and everything else. Props also to kaz for coming up with the title, which is often the most difficult part of these things.

As always, all mistakes remain mine.

Disclaimers: Definitely not mine. They belong to Henson, et. al. No copyright infringement intended. There is definitely no money being made.

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