November 22nd, 2005

Angel (John)

This one time I was at band camp...

Cliff notes version of my weekend.

- Sleep deprivation

- I forgot my memory card reader (is that irony?) for the digital camera, so not that many photos.

- Kick ass friends

- Talking dirty in the dark at 5am when we're supposed to be asleep.

- A guy's perspective on John/John. I don't care if it is me. It's another guy... so NO.

- DRDs racing are cool fun for the whole family. Especially if they appear to go light speed and smash into a wall of people. *g*

- My two video entries didn't win nor were shown.

- Creation has no imagination.

- catherinebruce and I were sold our Ben photo ops after he had already finished and refused to honor them. Thankfully a refund was obtained.

- Creation can kiss my ass.

- There was like a cross-dressing homoerotic theme this year. Which, of course, I greatly enjoyed.

- Ben Browder knows how to lay it on a mannequin.

- All of the cast rock!

- $20,000 for the entire John Crichton outfit. I think I overheard someone say that's more than he paid for his porche. Uh... DAMN!

- Creation screwed up in the labeling of the Scorpius costume. It was really John/Harvey's. So whoever got it for $800 was grinning like a maniac for the rest of the weekend, and possibly still has it on his/her face at this moment.

- Birthsister is a tiny woman and very light to carry. I think there's a photo somewhere of me picking her up in my arms. She is also my Fairy Bar-Mother, but only on the condition I don't speak about slash in front of her. I hurt her brain with my Scorpius/John video. Unfortunately for her, people kept asking me to play it. *veg*

- I'm glad I don't live in LA because I hate lines, and that seems to be what most folks end up doing: waiting in line. So not for me.

- Friday night in LA while very drunk, and riding in a convertible freezing my ass off. *crosses item off of to-do list*

- Met fbf, and astrogirl2. FBF is rather frightening, in a pussy cat kind of way, and Astro is not a blonde. Whoda thunk it. *snicker*

- catherinebruce is dead sexy as Juanita. There were mucho pictures taken by very many people. All of who wanted to touch the dress. I ain't saying anything about the bra. *whistles innocently*

- I seem to have the ability to piss people off. is complete.

More will be posted as I remember it.
Angel (John)

Addendum to con report

I met psychicnagger and she is cute as a button. I do believe she is a brave soul by having met me and survived. hehe

Oh, and there was horse porn (not in the way you think, get your mind out of the gutter you!) involving liquor and the tiara for the Crichton dress. Photos will be posted on her lj in the near future.

*begs psychicnagger to forgive her for forgetting*

ETA: Questions I asked the actors:

Wayne, Lani, and Ben: If you were given the perfect script, but the character you were to portray was one that went against your moral ideas, would you still do it?

Also asked Ben if he had any immediate movie roles coming up. Yes, I was hoping to hear a timetable for Connected. :p

(this one was on the fly since the woman ahead of me asked the same question I was going to.)

Rebecca: In your imagination, where do you see Grayza after PKWars.

Gigi and Anthony: Would they have liked to have had more costume changes throughout the seasons.

For the life of me, I can't remember what I asked Ralee. I'm sure it'll come to me soon.