November 11th, 2005

Angel (John)

*pets computer and flist*

They finished the floor earlier than we thought, in fact they didn't rip it up completely like they were supposed to, only patched up the weak areas of the floor.

I'm sitting here getting chewed up by mosquitoes, and the dinning room table/chairs are all piled in the kitchen, but I'm home without kids watching Firefly. hehe Oh, we also don't have the carpets laid down yet, but that's only because mom decided that she wants to paint the walls a soft mint green/white. The colors are kind of swirled together, and don't look half-bad.

Oh! Big news!! I heard from Phi! She sent me this little non-chalant email like she hadn't disappeared on me. I'm going to hurt her... after I give her an enormous hug! *g* It looks like it's a new work email that she got hold of me from. But that is so a load off my mind.

And to those of my flist, thank you for the early birthday wishes. That really made me smile. *hugs you all*