November 6th, 2005

Angel (John)

We are the wooooorld...We are the chiiiildren.

I've been trying since last night to upload these first two icons, but this connection is freaking killing me.

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Cable company is coming out tomorrow morning to check things out since our digital phone is also going wonky and half the time you can't understand what I'm saying. I still think it's the main cabling that one tech said needs to be replaced because of age, and they have yet to do it.

Finally got to see Amityville Horror again. Damn, I love that movie and it was a blast to find a movie that scared the living crap out of the kids. *eg*

Hopefully, I'll be able to post a new snippet of the John/D'Argo buddy fic before I have to pack up the computer on Tuesday. I didn't realize just how much crap mom and I have in the frontroom, den, and dinning room. We're still packing things up, and now it's just down to the DVDs and loads of laundry I've washed. She really needs to stop buying these guys new clothes at the drop of the hat.