November 3rd, 2005

Angel (John)

Someone hold me!

This coming up Tuesday (or Monday night) I have to pack up my computer because the contractors are coming in on Wed. to rip up our floors and replace them as well as the master bathroom. Tuesday, they'll only work on replacing my mom's front porch because the guy who built it and the ramp didn't treat the wood or something like that, and it's rotting.

I'll be without a computer for about a week. That means no photoshop, vidding, or writing. Do they make medications for that? *snicker* But that means I won't be in contact with anyone until the convention probably. I still have to figure out how to get from LAX on the 17th and actually get inside the con. And I still haven't heard any type of confirmation on my videos from Creation.

Well, except for catherinebruce who has my home number, but guess what... I won't be in the house either since no one is allowed inside while the work is being done. *facepalm*

We're still trying to figure out where the hell we're going to be staying since they didn't provide funds for temp. housing while the construction is being done, and NO ONE wants to have these four kids in their house... so no volunteers with a place to crash. Mom told my brother that we'll have to stay with him.

Someone will die. Or go insane. More than likely a nice combination of the two.

I would stay with Phi, but she's disappeared off of the face of the planet. She suddenly stopped emailing both mom and myself, and I think catherinebruce around the 14th of Sept. I got worried since she'd recently had a medical procedure done, so I called her work. Only thing is, she left her job at the time the emails stopped. The woman I talked to wouldn't say if she was fired or quit. I've gotten hold of everyone I can think of that we mutually know to see if there is any news, but nobody has seen or heard from her since the middle of Sept.

I've been actually writing on my John/D'Argo buddy fic the last couple of days, at least in my notebook. I hope I can have it done or a good chunk of it done to post a snippet of it before Pip goes in the box.

When I posted my Scorpius fic the other day, there was something I forgot to add to the notes, a big thank you to kernezelda for putting it on. There have been a lot of great stories to come out of this one.