August 11th, 2005

Angel (John)

*hugs sick flist*

Oh, and thank you guys, you've infected me. I think. I haven't felt good at all since yesterday. This morning I had to pop some caffeine pills on top of my coffee because I'm babysitting and I dozed off on the couch as everyone left for school, and the 3 year old I'm watching went outside by herself. *facepalm*

I woke up because M came to wait on her school bus, and she brought in the little girl. I haven't pulled a stunt like that since I had a migraine years ago that kept making me pass out. Though the caffeine pills aren't making my stomach and fever feel any better.

Oh, and by the way, I had to get out of my dad's place and moved back in with mom to help her out with the kids. They kept trashing the house, and just will not clean up their messes. So I'm back to being full time enforcer. I've already taken away a tv and a PS2.

There are other reasons I moved back over here too, but I just don't feel like overflowing my lj with crap. Well, more than usual.

Last night my net connection was super weak. I could be on YIM with kernezelda and scorpy808, but I couldn't get any web pages. We know that the outside line was cut with the weed eater a few weeks back, but this was the worst it had acted up.

*passes out tissues and fuzzy blankets*
Angel (John)

Woot! I'm on a roll,

two drabbles in two weeks! Uh, I used to be able to do better than that. Anyway, I posted this at farscapefriday.

Note: This came to me when I noticed a woman, at least it made me think of a woman, during Premiere walking past John. Thanks to thehallway for the beta. 105 words
Setting: The Choice

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Also, another new icon. *points at display piccie* Couldn't resist after all the lusciousness I've uploaded from sdwolfpup,pdxscaper, and lowdownbeat earlier.
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