June 26th, 2005

Angel (John)

I admit it, I'm insane.

I have to be because tonight I'm babysitting a 3 year old that likes to tell me the names of everyone she knows, and a 8 month old that is teething and has a bad diaper rash. The mom said she'd been trying to find out the cause of the rash. Dude...teething babies have rashes 99% of the time. Everyone knows this.

The insane part: it appears I've missed that life, having babies around I mean. And I did this on 3 (or is it 4?) hours sleep and for $20. Not only insane, but desperate.

The baby screaming caused me to miss the end of The 4400 which sucks, but I've got them both asleep for the night.

I was going to stay up for the midnight showing of 4400 to see what I missed, but I'm too wore out. At least I already got paid. *g*

ETA: Is it just me or is LJ wonky tonight?
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