June 14th, 2005

Angel (John)

*puts on pimp hat*

These are some great new videos over on Kansas.

This one by fallinangelz22 is set during PKWars and to Aerosmith's Dream On. If you have trouble with downloading from her website, the video is mirrored further down the thread.

Lt. Garrix has done another cool ass video. This one is John in action, set to Rob Zombie's Great American Nightmare.

I can't remember if I've recc'd this one on here before or not, anyway Brent Barrett has done an excellent job with Bonnie Tylor's Total Eclipse of the Heart. Turn Around is the video's title.

HumansRSuperior made a wicked video to an Evanescence instrumental. Psychodrama is set between Beware of Dog and Die Me Dichotomy.

As always, please leave the editors feedback for the work they've put into these. You know how people get warm fuzzies from it. *g* If you aren't registered at Kansas or don't want to, the email addies for each of the editors are usually available in their profiles, if not just leave a note here and I'll post the link to that thread.

*puts away pimp hat*
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