June 11th, 2005

Angel (John)

Can you tell me which way to the Stargate?

Too good a line to pass up for a subject header. Anyway, here is the new SG1 promo shown on the 10th. And DUDE! Is it ever action packed!! I so can't wait for the premiere in 34 days. *vbg*

I'm sorry about the quality of this, but I enlarged it from an itty bitty version that was on Quicktime. When I find a better copy, other than one I messed with, I'll throw the link up here.

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Angel (John)


I finally finished my John/Scorpius slashy video to Closer.

Just watched it.

Dude, I'm now scared to show this to the public. hehe My computer is very pissed at me, it took over 2 hours to render this sucker and I noticed a couple spots that I need to fix. *facepalm* Why don't these things show up in the previews when I do them?

And no Kerne, I haven't slept yet. I just kept tossing and turning and looking at the computer.
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