June 8th, 2005

Angel (John)

i so want to cry right now

i finally got a normal night's sleep. got up and put on a cup of coffee. figured i'd wash up a couple of dishes while it was brewing and sliced the side of my hand open on a metal coffee cup. god did it bleed badly. i've got it wrapped now but it's by my index finger on my right hand so i'm using my left to type and it freaking HURTS. i need to go find some asprine for the paind and getsome for dad to to clean up the blood.
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Angel (John)

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stopped the bleeding pretty much and called my mommy. //sniff// put butterfly stitches on because i have a big thing against needles, plus it's not too deep...more fileted looking. took some ibuprophine for the pain. i can move my finger well, so i don't think there's nerve damage. i just dont want to until it seals up better.

one aspect of this that really sucks is i have a couple stories i want to work on, one an original story i dreamt about last night. plus i'd agreed to beta a newbie's story a couple of days ago and wanted to get that back to her today. i need to get hold of her and let her know it'll be a bit now.

//hugs flist for the advice//

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Angel (John)


I can now function somewhat normally. *g* So I can play a bit Yay! Look Ma, capital letters!