June 1st, 2005

Angel (John)

Janie's Got A Gun

I looked from my computer a bit ago to see a HUGE fucking spider! Fiddleback about the size of a damn softball. I did the mandatory girly scream and ran the fuck out of the room flailing my arms.

But I was brave this time and went back with a bottle of Mean Green cleaner and grabbed one of my swords. I think I got the bastard, only his body disappeared after I sprayed him down. I used the sword to move stuff around but didn't find him. Eeek!

Now I keep feeling shit crawling on me or stuff moving just out of the corner of my eye. I really hate spiders.

Okay, except for Spiderman, he's a sweetie. *g*

Oh, and I actually got about 4 hours sleep this afternoon. yay!

ETA: At 5:30 in the morning I had a freakin FROG scare me by jumping on the garbage bag of my trash can in the room. I jumped about 3 feet in the air, hitting my knee on my desk. Now how in the hell did that little sucker get in here? What are we now, the dang Critters R us hotel? *snicker*
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Angel (John)

Eep! Help!

Okay, I need some hand holding advice here. I've been trying to do the mood theme deal. I got the pics from sparklebunny but on the instructions that accompany it seems to be slightly incomplete. By that I mean there are more pics for the theme than there are moodID numbers. Where the heck do I find those at? Or do I make them up myself? I went to the FAQ section on it, but it doesn't tell me squat either.

I gave up last night figuring I was just too tired, that's why it was confusing, but it's no clearer now that I've actually gotten 8 hours sleep.