May 25th, 2005

Angel (John)

One question about Firefly

I can handle the cowboy motif and all, but What. The. Fuck! is with them speaking Chinese in every other sentence?

Well, me and dad watched all the way up to the end of Ariel. Saw the dudes with the blue hands. scorpy808 was right. They ARE creepy as fuck.

Overall so far, pretty good show. There are some parts we were laughing so hard I started coughing my head off and couldn't breathe.


A few months ago my mom found a couple dogs wandering by the road. One a Pomeranian, the other a Chihuahua mix of some sort. She tried to bring them both home. The Pomeranian wouldn't let anyone near it, in fact it tried to bite mom. The Chihuahua jumped right into mom's minivan. He's stayed with her all this time until today. They named him Brownie because, well...he was brown. I liked to call him Sparky. *g* Kids were always correcting me on that, but he seemed to love it.

Today Mom saw this lady driving through the trailer park and asked her if she was looking for someone. The woman said she was looking for her dogs. Mom asked her what they looked like, and she described Brownie and the Pomeranian. Down to Brownie's little snaggle tooth. That's when mom knew that her baby's owner found him. *sniff*

Brownie's real name was Ace, and he was an 8 year old Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix. He instantly recognized her and ran to her when she said his name. It seemed he and the other dog were stolen from the woman and then just dumped near our house. For what reason. I have no damn idea. But I hope whoever did it has their nuts explode...slowly.

Unfortunately mom had to tell the woman that her other baby was no longer around. In fact, we think he's dead. He would never let any near by so they could take care of him and he tried to steal food from the neighbor's Pit Bull. Poor thing's got leg very tore up bad to the point he couldn't use it at all. He still wouldn't let anyone near him. Mom set out a 'friendly' trap (the type for capture without injury) to catch him, but he didn't buy it, and the animal control wouldn't come out unless it was confined. Finally, he just stopped showing up and the kids said that he's beneath one of the older trailers that only used for storage now.

The woman was heartbroken over that, but she was also so very happy to have Ace back with her. She's had posters up all over (just not any places my mom goes to), and been searching the roads since February. That's how she found us. She just came down the driveway since it was the next road up in her search.

The kids wouldn't stop crying over Ace going home, and oddly enough when they went to the post office, there was a lost dog poster describing the two dogs. It was mostly hidden behind other lost dog posters. My neice H got the poster and then she got hold of mom's cell and called the woman without permission. Just crying like crazy. Finally she gave the phone to mom and the woman said she'd look at her work schedule and on her day off, the kids can come over and visit with Ace. Mom was even crying over him being gone now. She really did love that little dog. He was well-behaved, loved sitting on her lap (even while driving), slept with her every night and stealing her blanket. lol

I've heard of stories like this before, but this was the first time I saw it in person. Ace was a damn lucky little dog it was my mom that found him. I'm really going to miss him.
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Angel (John)

New fic by thehallway.

Author's Notes:Post Terra Firma. No betas were harmed in this. All feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Rating:NC-17 for dark, mature, adult themes, sexual situations, and bad words.

Disclaimer: Nope. Not mine. It all belongs to Henson, No copyright infringement intended. No money being made.

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