May 23rd, 2005

Angel (John)

*Drool Alert* SG-1 promo pics and clip

As per simplystars' instructions, I'm drooling in my own LJ. *vbg*These are snurched from Kansas.

It's done as an interview type deal with all the actors, with clips from the show mixed in. On the clip, the sound is a tad off. When a better quality one comes up, I'll post the link to it. It's not really spoilery, no more than what we've seen so far. The clips are too fast in coming.

Collapse )

The drooling may begin. *vbg*

ETA: This is a great interview with Christopher Judge about Season 9. There are NO SPOILERS in this interview.

ETA 2: Better quality commercial (2 versions) for SG-1 courtesy of Brent Barrett.