May 12th, 2005

Angel (John)

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Fuck I just came up on the section and the reason why I hadn't re-read Lifetime in 2 years.


ETA: It's almost 3am and I just finished it. I never want to read another story where John dies ever again.

*wipes tears away*

I need a fucking drink.
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Angel (John)

We are the wooooorld. We are the children...

*wonders if that'll stick in Cret's head*

It's been a while since I did a wallpaper, and I finished this one up this morning for a friend's b-day. I tried to make it look sort of like a photo album.

Image hosted by

Larger copy can be found here.

If you're curious about the text, it reads:

All memories begin with those you love and cherish.

Our lives are but blocks fashioned by those memories, one moment built upon another.

Without family, there is no love. Without love, there is no life.

Remember. That is what I tell myself each day.
Never forget those that have touched and changed our lives for both the better and the worst.

For they make life worth living.