May 1st, 2005

Angel (John)


Tonight I got a nice prezzie. Okay, it's not really mine, but for the purposes of this. This baby's mine. *g*

My dad went to my cousin's today with my brother and they both came back with 7 week old pure bred Chihuahua puppies. Ours is almost completely black but for his stomach. He was originally supposed to be named Midget, but someone said his ears reminded her of Yoda, and so that's now his name.

Actually dad said he's both of ours and since the pup will more than likely sleep with me, I'll be in charge of him (Read as: puppy detail)

He is so cute! And already taken over my pillow since I fed him and let him do his business.

My cat hasn't seen him yet since he likes to stay outside more and more. I'm going to wait a few weeks before doing the introductions.

ETA: My brother's puppy looks like the little RCA dog from those old commercials. I don't think he's come up with a name yet.
Angel (John)

*insert clever remark*

First of all, I'd like to thank astrogirl2 for the kick ass and totally awesome fic she wrote me for the sprog ficathon. Go NOW and read Circle of Life and give this chick the praise she deserves!

Second, Go download the Ben Browder interview that was filmed during the 2004 Burbank con.

Third, I took pics of the puppies with my mom's digital camera. They'll be uploaded as soon as we find the fucking USB cord that goes to it. I'll give you three guess as to what happened to it, and all of the begin with the word: Kids.