April 28th, 2005

Angel (John)

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Angel (John)

*brain go splody*

I was just looking at all the things I have to finish. What your step, the mess around here is scary.


Sprogfic - I have about a paragraph left. Now I just have to get my mind back in that place in order to complete it tonight.

halcyon_shift's b-day fic - Actually, I have to start it beyond the notes I put down for ideas. And her b-day is on May 3rd.

2 Johns - Still working on the epilogue and tweeking the dialog in a few sections.

Quiet Storm sequel - Gotta find the voices again.

Eaten Sequel - same as QS.

HoS sequel - This is starting to look more and more like it's not going to get done. I haven't even thought about it in months.

There are actually a few more stories, but my brain won't think of them at the moment.


Closer - Gotta get this fucking masking to work for me dammit! *kicks brain and Premeire for not playing well together*

Evil!PK!John - Find the right piece of music. I may just go with the original song I had picked, but not a lot of people will sit through all of Disturb's music.

Stephen Lynch - I'm still at the getting the perfect clips up for this one.

LG/M video - I'm doing this one to Snow Patrol's How To Be Dead.

Stark/Zhaan - Just got the perfect song for them a couple days ago.

Fun vid - set to Cotten Eye Joe by Rednex

Kung Fu Fighting - Since this one is with my niece's clip picks. It may be sometime during summer vacation before I can really work on this one.

Neurochip vid - I'm wanting to vid the song from The Gammak Base, but I'm not sure if I should since I can't seem to get hold of the guy that runs the site. The two different emails I've tried have come back both times.

D'Argo vid - This one I just got the urge to do a week ago, but I'd have to find the right song.