April 12th, 2005

Angel (John)

I'm in a mood

Wallpaper set to the lyrics for Blvd of Broken Dreams by Greenday. I have a strange interpretaion of them. The shadow of himself, who he used to be, follows him.

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Larger copy can be found here
Angel (John)

I came. I saw. I kicked ass!

- Bill Murray in Ghostbusters. *vbg*

I reformatted and didn't fuck it up. Woohoo!

Everything is now intalled, with the exception of my FTP. I don't know what happened. It looks like the company upgraded the software, and now it's no longer free.

*kisses external drive for saving hours of downloading from discs.*

ETA: And I even managed to get my laundry done because I'd taken my computer to mom's where she has lovely a/c.
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