March 12th, 2005

Angel (John)

Now this isn't a surprise

Snurched from astrogirl2

The Smutty Plot
You are the Smutty Plot. Actually, screw the plot;
here's two sexy men, make them shag. Often.
And in creative, slightly impossible ways.

Which Slashy Plot Cliche Are You?
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But it's still funny since I can't write sex worth a damn. *g*

Silly question here, has anyone ever noticed the similarity between Collapse )

It just seems that they're eventually leading up to something. John/time/monolith. In the top picture, standing over a closed wormhole, think of it as he's standing over the monolith instead of in front of it. Hell, it could be that the end scene wigs me. Or that I'm tired and my brain was in overdrive cause I can't freaking sleep anyway.