February 26th, 2005

Angel (John)

bebop aluah

Just for the hell of it, I'm posting some PKWars transcript snips I did for thehallway since she's only seen it the one time.

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There are a few more scenes that I've transcribed so I'll probably post them tomorrow or Sunday if I get bored since they're long. ETA: That Rich Text option on here...bites monkey butt.
Angel (John)

Attention for all John Ficathoners!

Yes, not a real word. hehe

Anyway, because of various computer hassles by some, and RL hitting the fan for others.

I'm extending the deadline for the John Angst-A-Thon by 3 days.

So new due date for fics is Friday, March 4th. I hope this helps out.
Angel (John)

Line starts here >>>

All week long I've been bitching because my cable has been fuzzy and I couldn't make out what was happening on tv. Especially Sci-Fi channel.

Turns out I'm a complete and utter dumbass: My DVD player was on this whole time.


It has no ON indicator, so I didn't realize it. So I missed the last few nights of The 4400 and BSG for nothing.
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