February 15th, 2005

Angel (John)



Why does it look like I spelled that wrong?

I've tried working on updating my website. Got BORED!

Tried vidding. Got BORED!

Tried writing... can you guess what happened? Yup...BORED!

I'm watching the epi of Buffy withe she-matis teacher. *yawn*

Someone entertain me please! I promise never to do pictures of Ben Browder with a blond mullet again.

The only bright spot? I get to go to the DMV in a little bit.
Angel (John)

Sir, It's spam..DIVE! DIVE!

Kind of disappointed in Resident Evil 2. I think the first one was better just for shock factor. You know a movie has to be semi-boring if I'm doing dishes during it.

Question: Are you able to purchase more than 50 icons on LJ?

Snurched from thassalia

Ask me one question - any one - about my writing, then post this in your LJ so I can satisfy my curiosity about yours...