January 23rd, 2005

Angel (John)

Got a question for you all.

Was Aeryn the ONLY damn Peackeeper that could fight worth a fuck?

All of the others that I've seen couldn't beat their way out of a wet paper bag.

Not talking about main higher officers here like Braca, Crais, and Scorpius. I'm talking reg. commandos and infintry. They sucked.

/end sleepy observation.
Angel (John)

and you wonder where I get it from

Online convo with my mom:

Mom : what happened to my recliner
Kaz: i don't know. i haven't been to your house today
Mom : did T use your keys
Kaz: yeah
Mom : when did M come get the kids
Mom : he took one of my recliners
Kaz: i don't know. i wasn't looking at the time, but it was like 20 min after T left.
Kaz: why the hell would he take a recliner?
Mom : i don't know he already has plenty of furniture
Kaz: he didn't tell me why he wanted the keys. i figured he had to pee. he doesn't come in here at all
Mom : that's why i always lock by bedroom door
Mom : he just called me back and said he got it
Kaz: did he say why?
Mom : i told him he could have it
Kaz: then why ask me what happened to it?
Mom : i have to clear this room out to do my floor
Mom : i figured you would know since the oly one with a key
Mom : come get your cat
Kaz: no, too cold, and my hair is wet
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