January 19th, 2005

Angel (John)

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Guess what. Still cold here. It's warmer in Montana than Florida. How fucked is that?

/public service announcement.

Yes, Cranky, I know. It's colder than a witch's tit in Canada. *hands cranky a warm comforter*

Oh..and Kansas is down. IT'S A CONSPIRACY!


Get this, we found out yesterday that the call assessment we have tomorrow. If we don't do well we don't get to come back on Friday to finish the training class. All this time, they've been saying it's going to be easy to pass since we haven't been on the phones yet. The trainer had one girl do some role-playing, and she did perfect it appeared, only to be told..no, she didn't.

Everyone has went from confident to freaking the fuck out.
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Angel (John)


I got my PK Wars DVD today. *does happy dance*

But is it just me or does Grayza's voice sound deeper?

Oh, who the hell cares!

*pets the pretty dvd*