January 6th, 2005

Angel (John)

Announcing: The John Crichton Ficathon.

John Crichton, universal whipping boy.

I have never seen a character on screen or in fiction that so tied my stomach in knots. This is a call out for those of you that love angst, pain and struggle.


This is also good if you can't stand his character - a chance to put the hurt on. Take out your frustrations from real life on the blue eyed boy.

Since (template snurched from her) spoonishly is still putting on the D'Argo ficathon, I figure I'll give this a 3 week sign up.

Signups Begin: Today (January 6th)

Signups End: Thursday (January 27th) I'll have assigments out that Sunday (January 30th)

Stories Due: Monday, February 28th

Story Length: 700 words (minimum)

To Be Posted In Comments

Name, e-mail and LJ or blog address if you have one:

Requests (up to three - and this extends to the other categories):

Pairing/Other Character requests (if any - this doesn't have to mean sex):

Setting request:

Prop request (i.e. - Farscape module):

One restriction (meaning the thing that'll make you stab your eyes out with a spork if it appears in the story. But folks, be nice-ish:):

Ratings (meaning what you're comfortable with):


What I won't write (think carefully about this folks - remember this is Farscape:) Again, you get one restriction:

Also, please make sure and notate what you have and haven't seen (ie: the miniseries) so as not to get spoiled.
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Angel (John)


I got my Christmas card from fbf!! Finally! It only took the postal service two weeks to get it here. *gives them the evil eye*

And girl, you talk about falling over laughing. That was so what I needed at the moment. *gives fbf a smothering hug*