December 25th, 2004

Angel (John)


Watched the kids open their gifts, I think the wrapping paper was waist high. There are no injuries or fights to report. Yet. Just give it time, it's seven kids and new prezzies. lol

Mom wants me to set up her new scanner/printer for her later on. At least now I don't have to take mine down to her house when she needs it.

I'm sitting here listening to wind and rain while watching Gone With The Wind, and I started thinking. How could this be adapted to Farscape?

It would be tough to try and figure out the characters. This is flexable.

Scarlet - Chiana or Jool (she seems more like her)
Rhett - D'Argo
Ashley - John
Melanie - Aeryn (this seems like a stretch though, she's not that 'soft')

Eh, it's just one of those weird ideas I get. ;-)
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Angel (John)

*puts the dunce hat on*

All day long, I've been thinking it was Sunday and I'd have to go to my first day of work tomorrow. I just now realized it's only Saturday.


At least I don't have to get to bed yet. Yay!
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