December 22nd, 2004

Angel (John)

someone get the number of that truck?

I am such a guy. *rolls eyes*

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I'm talking about the cutie screaming because of the hose. *g*

How the hell do women where these things everyday?

But I'm all conservative looking the way they want. *takes mote to not hurl*
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Angel (John)

In a nutshell

Let me see, how did my day and interview go. It didn't.

Summery of my lovely afternoon.

Appointment at 1pm. Used dad's car since I haven't gotten my new tags yet and left house a few minutes after Noon because I wanted to make sure I got there in time.

Lunchtime traffic was horrible, so I was glad I left early.

Got lost after trying to decipher directions that were written for if you were coming from the opposite side of town. I ended up on the highway somehow and there wasn't an exit for miles.

No cell phone, so I couldn't call to say I was lost and may run a little late.

Got within a few miles of the office complex and RAN OUT OF GAS! I kept staring at the gas guage that said half a tank and wanted to kick it. *NOTE: Pushing cars uphill while in a dress, hose, and dress-shoes is a bitch and it gets you all nasty smelling* After ten minutes a couple guys showed up and helped me put it out of the road.

Luckily I was near a Steak and Shake so I walked over there, called the employment agency to let them know what happened. Had to leave a message on voicemail.

Called mom's cell, had to leave a voicemail.

Ate a burger while waiting.

walked back out to the car.

Some guy stopped as I got near it, and said what has to be the best pick-up line. "Cute feet."

Me: Excuse me?
Guy: I'm a foot massage therapist.
Me: thinking: Oookay.
Guy: Which toe was longer, the first or the second?
Me: Second one.
Guy: That means you're authoritative.
Me: And here people usually just call me bossy.
Guy after doing a rim-shot on his steering wheel: Can you take off your shoe?
Me: What? (needless to say in shock)
Guy: I just want to see if the toe is longer.
(I took off my shoe, I don't know why.)
Guy: Like I said, cute feet.
Me: This is really weird.
Guy: Why?
Me: Why do you think?
Guy: You never had someone massage your feet or a boyfriend kiss your toes?
Me: No comment
Guy just smiles and tells me to have a nice day and drives off.

Have I mentioned before that I attractive fucking weirdos? Well, I DO!

Well I sat there for 2 hours, and called mom's cell again. She'd never checked her voicemail so she didn't know I'd run out of gas.

Sat there for another 45 min. waiting on her. Transmission started slipping on the way home so I was going 15 mph on my road. *kicks car*

3 happy notes though:
I hit all green lights on the way home.
Message from employment agency said they'd rescheduled me for tomorrow morning. Mom is going to let me use her minivan. Thank god!