October 1st, 2004

Angel (John)

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Run like the wind and order Ben's A Killer Within, this special edition DVD's sales are being watched closely to see if Ben gets to star in the movie he's been co-writing for Fire-Side Entertainment.


It's region free, so those of you on the other side of the ocean can watch it too. It's only 24.99. I didn't see anything about added tax or shipping though when I put my order in with Paypal.

The update on my power situation, Teco is saying the earliest is Sunday before I get them back on. As the lovely ScaperRed and SarahJane would say: Fuckingratbastards!!!

Mom took the kids this morning to Arkansas because you know, no power, no food in the house and no water is pretty unheathly for kids. And all the hotels are still booked up around here. I wish like hell I had someone I could crash with, but the nearest buddy of mine is PhiPhi and she's in Orlando. I had to go and pay for a shower today at a truckstop. Freaking weird, but damn did it feel good.

This battery on this damn laptop goes TOO FUCKING FAST! I had it charged and it's already down to 40% after only 30 min using it. I can't do anything like this, I pull up Wordpad or any program for that matter it just seems to suck it out faster. So I can't even write while I'm on.

Okay, gotta go check out the Stark ficathon list real quick and then I'll be forced to jet.

And DUDES! IT'S OCTOBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 16 DAYS!
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