September 28th, 2004

Angel (John)

hola! como esta!

Shouting out at work. Still no power or phone at home. Mom is raising a stink too because the heat is getting to S and D's asthma and we have to go to the 7-11 to use their electricity for the nebulizer breathing machines.

She called Techo(electric company) today to ask about their 'assesment' and they told to go find some place with A/C. *count-down to fuse blow* All of the hotels in this area are sold out. (as if we could afford that anyway) But they did come out and looked at the transformer earlier they said, but there was still no power when she got back from dinner.

We of course had to throw out all the food in the deep freezer and ridge. What a freakin waste of food and money.

When I had called on my last break she said that my brother called and he'd spoken to my dad. He's been definiately diagnosed with cancer, but they won't operate on it until he gets insurance. sonsabitches!

Hopefully, I'll have power on SOON!!!!!!!!!!!

Since I'm not able to access my yahoo email at work could someone please send word to Astrogirl2 that my Stark fic will be delayed? I was >< close to finishing and sending to Kixxa then the crap hit the fan.

Pwetty please with a cherry flavored choco!john on top. ;)

Lunch break is almost over, so I have to split. *hugs flist*
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