September 23rd, 2004

Angel (John)


LJ has a tad different look when I posted this. *looks around* I don't like it. But I guess I'm stuck with it. LOL

Went car shopping today, I may be buying a Dodge Caravan. That's scary. Me, with a mini-van of my own. EEP! But it's the only thing in the lot that doesn't have a potential big problem that we can see, and it's got A/C! No more sweating my ass off on my way to work. *throws confetti*

Going out like that totally threw me out of my cleaning mood unfortunately, so I started looking for pics of different landscapes and I ended up on a site that had pics of Scotland. I downloaded a bunch of them and then got the idea for a wallpaper using one of the photos. It was originally not going to be Farscape oriented, but it ended up that way.

Hey..anyone interested in helping me write a romance novel? I was told I should write one. *snerk* There needs to be more throbbing members out there you know.
Angel (John)

Reviews and Rumors

Well first of all, let's start with the rumor. That Fireside's next project is the one Ben has been doing some of the writing on and it's titled Connected. And they're watching the DVD sales of A Killer Within during the first 30 days to a good response to the Special Edition DVD sales will guarantee Fireside's CONTROL over keeping Ben as the lead.... ?!?

They will go looking for a more known name? Screw that! I want to see Ben in this movie. It's a love story. So maybe shirtless Ben. Woot!

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Transcribed by freebd99 on Kansas.