September 12th, 2004

Angel (John)

Wastin' away again in Margaritaville

I'm sitting here watching a favorite movie of mine from when I was a kid, Krull. It's a bit cheesy now, but when your 10 and scared of horror/fantasy movies, it gets the imagination fired up. But for 1983, they did pretty damn good with the effects and I'll always love that.

If you've never seen it, think a kind of LOTRish theme, except its a group of men going together to save a princess from some evil dude. It's kind of fantasy/scifi since they have themes from both genres in it. My favorite character is the cyclops dude, he was a sweety. And I always loved how all they never gave up, no matter what. Oh, and do-hicky that looks like a huge ninja star. You have to forgive my lack of names here. I just woke up and I caught the movie towards the end after not seeing it since I was about 13.

It looks like Ivan is going to skirt us, but it's heading in kernezelda and florastuart's direction. *sad* This sucker needs to just disapate and GO. AWAY.

I wrote this at work last night during my lunch break. For some reason it just popped in my head. And I was picturing Promises through John Quixote here. Collapse )


Dude..There are so many Scapers at work it's unreal. I find a new one everytime I'm on lunch break and I start watching vids and I hear a kind of squeel 'Farscape! I love that show!' Another cool thing is a lot of people that haven't seen the show, their interest is peeked and they'll write down the addy for Watch Farscape to check out more. And they'll ask where they can watch it or buy the DVDs. *jumps up and down*

The one I ran into last night that said he loved the show started railing about how Skiffy was stupid for cancelling it and how he couldn't wait for the mini. It gave me a nice warm, fuzzy feeling. *g*

Now time to get laundry going, and get to writing.
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Angel (John)


Farscape, Married with Children style.

D'Argo as Al
Chiana as Peggy

As to who plays the kids is up to you.

*runs away laughing maniacally*
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Angel (John)


*242 more words down*

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