August 13th, 2004

Angel (John)

snurched from Cranky

Your LJ Pirate Quest by rachelthedemon
Favorite Color
Your First Matescorpy808
Your Cabin Boy/Girllithium_doll
Your Bodyguardsimplystars
The Bad Guy/Girlrubberneck
Your Obligatory Love Interestflorastuart
The Fanservicey One_aeryn_sun
Your Coveted TreasureTrue Love(TM)
Number of people you kill to get it38,232
Number of times you get laid afterward121
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Angel (John)

Still alive!

Charley hit shore south of me at Ft. Meyers. We're suppoed to get hurrican force winds, but so far it's barely drizzled and had no rain at all.

Looks like it's going to hit Orlando and eventually Jacksonville though.

ETA: That pirate meme from earlier was appropriate since I have a damn kitten on my shoulder and she won't fucking leave. *looks at the scratches on shoulder and gives chiana a dirty look* She's needy I think. *g*
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