August 7th, 2004

Angel (John)

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Snurched from unwritten_words, who by the way I should wish a Happy Birthday! Don't overdose on Hootie. *snerk* I'll shut up now. But these results...WTF? LOL

Your Twisted LJ Love Life, v2.
LJ Username
Favourite Colour
Pick A Three-Letter Word
You Start Dating... scaperred
You dump them and marry... veritykindle
You catch them cheating with... apathocles
So you hire a hitman and call... scorpy808
They accidentally kill ... instead methought
Five marriages later, you end up with... scaperred
This QuickKwiz by sellpieforjesus - Taken 1411 Times.
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Angel (John)

paging dr. frank

Vegged out today after cleaning house. Watched movies galore..hehe I'd forgotten how fun it was to watch two movies at the same time. Tried to write, but the words didn't want to freaking work for me. Then decided to play around with an idea for a wallpaper.