July 28th, 2004

Angel (John)

make kid rock leave my brain!

For two days I've been singing 'Baw with that baw' or whatever the hell that song is! Just as I got it out, I turn on the radio and guess what is playing? ACK!

Just my luck mom and the kids are leaving for the beach for two days leaving me with the piece of blue crap I call the Blue Monstrosity. It doesn't like me, and it doesn't think I know this. *glares at the truck*

I wanna go to the beach! *pouts*

On the good side of that is: Mom and the kids are leaving for the beach for two days!!! Woot!

I'm up in the air on how tonight will go at work. We had a surprise corporate inspection this morning...and it had been grocery night last night. eek! There are going to be four people working tonight so things should go easy, except for one of the people is the freaking jerk from another store that is suppose to train us 'properly'. Bite me!

This is the same prick that lied to the manager last week saying I'd spent 6 hours in the cooler. To which, the manager never did watch the video tape like I told him to prove that I hadn't...but you know what...screw em.

Now, I think I'll go lay back down and watch the rest of Angel Heart. This was back when Micky Rourke looked good.

One more thing, I was playing around last night and did this wallpaper.