July 22nd, 2004

Angel (John)


Curse all you great writers of fanfic! I can't enjoy the old fics that I once did when I first discovered them. I keep finding BAD characterization, POVs that switch like ten times in a paragraph, and cliches out the ying yang!

*sobs for lost innocence*

Sort of...kind of. NOT!

But it is sad bacause I really did enjoy these and they were stepping stones for me to find the good stuff. *g*

*goes off to find slash fic that doesn't have the term 'throbbing manhood' in it*
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Angel (John)


If anyone gets an email from my email addy without a subject and it has an attachment saying foto3.exe...IT'S NOT FROM ME!!!!!!!!

I've been getting hit with spam mail a lot with attachments saying they have info and stuff like that. Well, I've been deleting them automatically until I got the one with MY OWN email addy on it. I didn't download the attachment, but I know that someone with my email addy in their address book probably got one of those virus deals and it's been hitting me.

For the record, if I send an email attachment to anyone it would NOT be an .EXE file. So please delete it, and don't open it, whatever it is.

I ONLY SEND OUT .JPG AND .DOC ATTACHMENTS, and those usually have silly names that you would come to find with me and my sense of humor.
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