July 9th, 2004

Angel (John)

Belated Happy Birthday to simplystars

I hope you had a great day! *hug*


I was at work by myself again last night, but it was cool. Better than being stuck with this one old bitch from the night before. Too much detail to go into, let's just say I was >< close to telling her to go fuck herself.

Bought the director's cut of The Butterfly Effect yesterday morning, along with Cold Mountain and one of my favorite movies Mary Reilly.

The Butterfly Effect was better than I thought, and I had no urge to hurl at Ashton Kutcher's performance. Surprised the hell out of me. LOL

You've already heard that the Farscape Mini-series has an airdate of October 17th at 9pm. So SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *vbg*

I'm working my way gradually through the Aeryn fics for the ficathon. I will go back to give appropriate feedback once I've got two brain cells that are functioning.

One more thing. Anyone halfway descent at dream interpretation? For the last two days I've had this weird ass dream where I'm doing normal stuff and I suddenly just pass out wherever I'm standing. Freaky. :P
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Angel (John)

well looky here...hehe

Gonna have fun at Burbank! Woot!


FARSCAPE fanfic panel (Saturday afternoon) featuring:
JeffRabb: One half of the team that runs the annual Farscape fan fiction contest (The Sparkys).
ScaperRed: Writer of the 2004 Sparky Awards runaway winner, "Fate's Gamble".
Kernil Crash: Two time winner of "Best Author" and author of several dozen fanfics.
Thea: Winner of the 2004 Sparky Award for Best New Writer.
Kazbaby: Member of the 'Dark Brigade' forum, and also a multi-talented writer and Sparky recipient.
Florida Redleg: Possibly the most active Farscape reader on the planet. He represents the 'other side' of fanfic: the reader.

ETA: I noticed that I'm only mentioned as a Sparky reciepient. What? My first place for best Slash not good enough to be mentioned by name as well?
I guess I shouldn't bitch, they might take me off of it.