June 16th, 2004

Angel (John)

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I got my schedule for the coming week. With the days running consecutively from the end of this one...I'll be working 10 days in a row again.

Okay, tired of this crap now.
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Angel (John)

GIP...sort of..new banner

Yes, instead of going to bed. I did a new banner for my LJ. And of course it's from one of my favorite epis. Also gotta go with the theme I have going on here.

So is it better than the eyes I had up? Less creepy. I forget who was wigged out by them. *g* I also have the banner as wallpaper too. Didn't know how to get all the images on there in an area so small. (pssst..that's one reason i don't do icons often)

Ate a bowl of soup and now I'm in a better mood. Don't I just lead an exciting life? Bitching about work, the kids...and a bowl of soup improves my mood. Good lord, I'm Al Bundy! Excuse me while I stick my hand down my pants and watch a wet T contest. *shakes head*
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