June 15th, 2004

Angel (John)

what day is it again?

cofax7, shrift and cretkid are involved in a sordid love-triangle, with mesascaper totally unaware!
boofadil is secretly married to a wolf!
iamsab became turned on by the Power Rangers movie...
boofadil has had implants. Y'know. *Those* Implants.
cofax7 had better clear their internet cache before apathocles comes home.
fbf got themonkeycabal drunk and naked, and took photos. oneeyethedrd downloaded them.

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Going to try and finish up a fic this morning, but my brain is freaking goo right now. So, I'll see how that goes. Me and R. were gripping last night because they (1st/2nd shift, and manager) expect 3rd shift to do every fucking thing in the store in a 8 hour period. You can skip this part... Collapse ) All of this while we wait on customers.

What 1st and 2nd shift does:Collapse )

I don't mind doing my job and it's requirements, but goddamnit if they also made the other two shifts do their fucking JOBS! It wouldn't be so damn hard on the 3rd shift workers. It took me and R 15 minutes to lift a garbage can together to put the bag in the dumpster because they were too lazy. And this guy just came back to work from having a stroke!
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