June 11th, 2004

Angel (John)


Some of you (in chat) have heard me gripe about how my new cat is whiny. Found out last night why. She had 3 kittens..and they are soooo cuuuute!

I had finally fallen asleep when the kids came rushing in my room to tell me about the babies. My mom had thought Tigger had caught a mouse at first. lol Anyway, Tigger wouldn't let anyone near her or the kittens until I got in there, then she kept looking at me and meowing. She would only lay down if I rubbed her chest. (weird fucking cat) So I did it cause the babies were hungry and she wouldn't lay down long enough for them to find a nipple. (i'm jokingly referring to them right now as TJ, JT, and John Jr.)

So now I'm a kitty grandma again. I didn't even know she was preggers. The people who owned her before swore she had never been outside. Either she had been or I have the Virgin Mary of cats!