May 18th, 2004

Angel (John)


Somehow I didn't hear my alarm today, which I had set for 9am so I could get to Best Buy and get the new Farscape DVD and finish up my beta stuff on the ficathon story. I slept til 2pm. Almost 12 hours. WTF? I never sleep that long anymore. I feel weirded out now.

Gawd, this day is so wasted now.

Found out mom doesn't have to have more surgery on her back. They readjusted the stimulator in her back right there in the office.

Puppy is doing well. We've taken him to calling him Doobs. He is so damn smart!

Our new cat...I'm going to kill. Tigger keeps getting on the counter and trying to get to the crab we have in a small vase of water. 3 times now she's knocked it over. And we have to searching the carpet for a baby crab that's smaller than a quarter. LOL