May 17th, 2004

Angel (John)


I wrote the person that runs the dealers table for the Necronomicon that's held here every October to see about having a Watch Farscape table for the Tampa Scapers to help promote the mini-series.

Unfortunately, she had none available and a long waiting list. But she did say that I could contact the director of the event and that I could probably get a panel spot to talk about it. run a Farscape panel?

So tomorrow, going to email the others in my group and see if any would be willing to help out with it if a spot is available. Plus I would need something to fucking SAY! I enjoy this show so damn much, but when I go to talk to others about it. I get all 12-like and nothing intelligent comes out.

Like I said earlier today, I was bored...very bored. I had my new season 4 companion guide, but couldn't get into it because I had to start getting ready for work soon. And when I lay back with a book, I want to be able to sink into it for an hour or two. But before I became so bored, I did this for the new challenge on the clamshell. It has to deal with using a color we associate with a character.

I used a gray-ish black because John is pretty much in the middle when it comes to way he deals with things in Season 4 it seems. Although the black is for the fact he puts on a game face now to hide behind, the same as his leather being black. To show strength that he may not have and to obscure any weakness with it.

Make any sense to you? I hope it does because my eyes are about to close on me as I type this. *g*