May 7th, 2004

Angel (John)

2 Johns Snip

I did watch Friends tonight just because it was a show that me and my sister actually enjoyed together, and I actually cried at the end. Not because of the show, but because I know my sister would have loved it. Yes, I'm a sentimental sap. hehe

Here's a snip of 2 Johns, now I need to get my butt on the ball tomorrow and work on it.

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Angel (John)

little bunny fufu

Had a wicked Farscape dream last night. Very weird. It was about John, D'Argo, Crais, and Velorek on Talyn. They stopped on a planet and John was walking through this forest, he heard a noise and saw this tent-like deal and looked inside and there was Zhaan like writhing on top of someone. Not in a sexual way either.
He just stood there in shock because, you know..her being dead and all. When she stood up, she was naked and he saw it was Aeryn on the ground looking really messed up and Zhaan said that she had healed her. These old looking aliens came up and asked that they all protect some old papers. (probably my brain's way of doing the Ancients and the wormhole tech. hehe) Then the dream swithched back to Talyn, and there was some girl trying to make the moves on John, but he wasn't into it and told her to leave.
A lot more things happened, but I can't remember much else for it. Told you it was weird. LOL

Finished the wallpaper to where I liked it.