April 30th, 2004

Angel (John)

feels squishy

Tried my best to stay up late last night. Didn't work. I ended up falling out about midnight. Considering I had been up since 4am. That's good I think.

Played with the look of my LJ to keep my mind occupied. It has a kind of dark and brooding feel to it dontcha think? *g* It was either this or fall to the evil thoughts running in my head. hehe I had tried to write, but just couldn't concentrate on it enough. But this I was able to do because I followed the steps on scorpy808's lj. It really wasn't that hard.

Okay, off to bed for a few hours. Feels weird working a 3rd shift again.
Angel (John)

the doors play in the background

Dreams are strange beasts aren't they? They allow you to work out problems and fears one night, the next offer you a kaleidoscope of visions that you couldn't have thought up in a million years but it makes so much sense at the time. Case in point, Lance Hendrikson and Rob Schneider in a dream or dreams rather in the same Collapse )

Just have to say, I need to remember more of the Hendrikson dream, it was really damn cool.