April 15th, 2004

Angel (John)

weeee doggies

Kind of messed up day. DSL was on the wonk for the 3rd day in the row. The branch of Verizon that handles it said it was the phone lines, the guys that do the phone lines said it was the DSL side. Phone guy came out and did some work, still have static on the lines and I'm only able to get online for anywhere from 1-30 min. at a time. Then it'll be out for an hour or so.

Some asswipe hacked FMD, I hope they bust his balls for it. Ya don't mess with a Scaper board dammit. *g*

My brother was over most of the day and I got to listen to his lovely criticisms of how I don't help out mom enough. Then he asked her for $40. I'm sorry, but Fuck you!

I actually remembered to catch Without A Trace tonight. It was a pretty damn good episode. I'm starting to like this show.

Ben Browder and Claudia Black are doing a chat on Sci-fi on "Tuesday, April 20, at 9PM ET, 6PM PT. And Brian Henson will do one on the 22nd at the same time. Talking about the mini and how it will tie up loose ends. I know I'm suppose to be optimistic here, and think that they are only going to bring them back from coffee land and open up more doors for us to cross examine... But why does this phrasing continue to freak me out? Like they're going to do things so that there will never be more Farscape?

Aww..to hell with it. I'll give myself a damn embolism if I think about it. LOL Still freaks me though. I know shows don't go on forever, unless they're Law and Order and the Simpsons, but I'd still like to see it go on for a while longer. Maybe a year or two. *g*