March 24th, 2004

Angel (John)


I was playing today. hehe

I guess I'll put up the wallpaper I did for the new photoshop challenge. Collapse )

PDX, do you think you could email me copies of those pics I sent you? It seems they were part of the files I lost when my computer died.
Angel (John)


Why didn't anyone tell me yesterday was Tuesday? All damn day long I thought it was Weds and I kept expecting a call from the computer tech. Yes, I have calenders around. I look at them, but for some reason it never registered with me until dinner time. D'oh!

Two good things though, I bought the new Farscape DVD and Gothika with Halle Berry. If you haven't seen it, no spoilers, but don't watch this movie while heavily medicated. *g* I loved it.

halcyon_shift is doing reccs of videos from different fandoms on her lj. Go check out the Buffy one by Luminosity. This vid makes me so pissed at Buffy for doing Spike wrong. Yes, I admit it. I have the Spike love. And I'm still majorly ticked off that I had quit watching tv for so long and missed the final season of Buffy. You can stone me now.

Check out the wallpapers from the challenge me and scorpy808 put up on Kansas. Photoshop Challenge #15. There are some good ones up there already.

Now time to pop more Advil to get rid of this headache that is trying to kill me.
Angel (John)

Whoo hoo!

I found out a little while ago that my computer is being delivered at 9 am tomorrow. YES!

I couldn't help it, but I did another wallpaper using another Dean Koontz poem. This one is called Collapse )
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