March 10th, 2004

Angel (John)

i hate computers!

After spending most of the day trying to get those stubborn ass memory chips in. Success!

Ah, but don't just say YAY! just yet.

That little gray bitch just decides...Hey, I feel like rebooting every five seconds to make you totally lose your mind having to redo the chips inside of me. Son of a bitch!

Now I have to open up the computer again and 're-seat' the chips. Grrrrrr....

I so want drop kick this sucker. Okay, enough bitching, back to work on it.
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Angel (John)

Computers are evil!

I'm still using my mom's computer right now because mine decided to fucking die on me. *bangs head on desk* All of my pics, wallpapers, stories, everything...fucked! After re-doing the chips, it still didn't want to work. So I did as was suggested by a computer tech friend and did a system restore so the computer could 'adopt' the new hardware easier. It just continually ran saying 'please wait' for 4 hours then rebooted on its own, and didn't stop re-booting itself.

I hate computers. *sobs* But I want my computer back!!!
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